Work Life Group Chooses Tess C. Taylor’s Inspirational Career Story as One of the Top 50 Stories!

10 Feb

( February 07, 2010 — WORLD WIDE WEB, February 07, 2010 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) — 

In this job market, it’s refreshing to hear about the career achievements of determined Americans, especially those who have reinvented themselves in order to pursue their dreams. Work Life Group, a career resource organization, recently held a contest for writers to share their inspirational stories about career transformations.

Tess C. Taylor, a writer from Charleston, South Carolina, submitted her story entitled “Creating True Beauty in the World”, which was picked as one of the top 50 stories. The story details how Eugean Taylor, a talented artist from Charleston, South Carolina, has been able to use his talents to transform a failing graphic design career into a thriving role as an art teacher.

After earning his MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, during the post 9:11 period, Eugean Taylor found himself searching desperately for a job as a graphic artist. After taking a series of part time jobs in copy centers, sign shops and even supporting himself and his family by working nights at a local movie theatre, it seemed his career would never take flight. That’s when he was approached by a man at the local art show who told him he should consider becomming a teacher.

Tess C. Taylor, who is Eugean’s wife, was inspired to share the story about her husband’s journey to finding himself through his talents and how he has contributed to the Charleston community as a result. You can read the story and vote for the story at the Work Life Group’s website.

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