Spring inspired writing projects this week

21 Feb

As is normally the case during the early part of Spring, things really pick up with intensity at Taylor Resources Writing!

I am as busy as ever with many writing projects that keep me inspired and looking forward to the season ahead. This week’s projects include a set of career and business articles, an interview for a career topic article for a magazine and fresh web content for an outdoor furniture guide. Just in time for Spring as it rolls it’s sleepy head out from under the blanket of Winter snow!

While here in the Southeast we enjoyed a couple of days of this actual white fluffy stuff recently, that has all passed and signs of the renewal of nature are starting to appear. I’ve been enjoying getting out into the clean air more often for my morning walks, a time that I use to reflect and brainstorm new ideas. There’s nothing like the bright sunshine and crisp morning breeze to get the mind working! Thank goodness for my iphone which is my little portable “office” that makes it easy to capture those moments in between writing projects.

Oh, and one more thing….I want to remind everyone that I am still booking spots for my $15 artricle writing special for Spring. If you have some ideas for your blog or website and have been finding it difficult to get to them – why not take the pressure off yourself and let an experienced writer do them for you?

Go here to take advantage (please be sure to specify how many articles you need when you check out):


Coming up soon….I will be sharing a multitude of tips to help you market your small business more effectively through the myriad of free tools to be found online. I recently attended a very informative chat-conference and got some great ideas to share with everyone. Advertising your business and getting the word out is actually easier than you may think – and there are so many ways to do it for very little money! Check back soon for updates. 🙂

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