Is Your Business Part of the Local Economy?

19 Apr

This week, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a prominent company on an human resources and recruiting project that will bring thousands of jobs to the Charleston, South Carolina area in the coming year. It was a rewarding gig that also allowed me to participate in supporting the local economy as a whole. What struck me as ironic, however, was that it brought to mind that while I have been so focused on building my business and taking projects from multiple clients around the world that I’ve somewhat lost sight of my impact on the very fragile local economy right here in my backyard!

Back in the day, while I was still employed with local companies in a variety of roles, there were plenty of ways in which I could see how each organization was linked to others and supported each other’s success. From healthcare and manufacturing industries to technology, service and recruiting firms, I could see clearly how even my tiny footprint was helping to sustain the financial well-being of other companies. But now, I am left wondering how as a solo entrepreneur can I make a positive dent in the growth that our local area is slowly starting to experience following the recession?

One of the ways in which I am trying to help other small businesses, here in Charleston as well as elsewhere, is by offering services that can help them to compete with the “big dogs” by providing affordable social media, content marketing and website support. This is something I have become good at as a result of trying to launch and sustain my own small business on a shoestring budget over the last 3 years.

I can easily offer services like:

  • Articles and Blog Post Writing
  • Business and Marketing Support
  • Keyword Research and SEO Analysis
  • Press Releases and News Articles
  • Sales Materials and Landing Pages
  • Social Media Help

Plus a lot of other things that can help to get the word out about the many fabulous small businesses in this area!

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are looking for that “something extra” that either you don’t know how to do or are finding a lack of time to do given your busy schedule. Maybe you need someone to look over your website and offer pointers to make it better from a user standpoint to help improve conversions? Or maybe you know you need to set up a Facebook or Twitter profile, but don’t know how to do this? Perhaps you are not getting a positive response from your efforts and you just need someone objective to give you fresh ideas?

Whatever your particular needs are, don’t be afraid to contact me and see what I can do for you. If I can’t perform a particular service, I am likely to be able to recommend someone to you who can!

So take a moment to look around in your community and see what services you can provide, or needs you can meet in order to stimulate the local economy this Spring. Let’s all take advantage of all the resources in this great world we live in and create some more success stories within our own lives and our businesses, starting right here, right now!

To your success and to the improvement in your community this year….


One Response to “Is Your Business Part of the Local Economy?”

  1. Anita DeFrank April 21, 2010 at 1:27 am #

    Hi Tess –

    An online biz colleague of mine, Val Selby forwarded me a copy of your “Earth Day Promo” and she highly recommended your work.

    I don’t necessarily need articles written right now however, here in the near future I may need a good deal of PLR articles, blog posts as well as possibly PLR reports & ebooks re-written. I was wondering if this was something you’d be interested in doing?

    By the way … Great site & blog! And congrats on making the transition of working outside the home to working at home!

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