Managing the Balancing Act

8 Feb

As a small business owner, do you often feel like you are on a high wire about twenty feet above the circus crowd trying desperately to stay on top of everything in a balancing act?

Well, you are not alone! About 99% of all entrepreneurs feel this way on a regular basis, what with all the responsibilities and demands every day.

So what to do when you get to the point where you feel like you are ready to jump? Here are some suggestions from a fellow solo-preneur who’s been there a time or two ( and lived to talk about it):

#1 – Take a Mental Step Back

When the entire pile of papers and work on your desk feels like it may topple over and you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, get up out of your chair – take a walk outside and feel the fresh air on your face for a few moments. Or unplug from all your electronics, emails and social media outlets for ten minutes to gather your thoughts. Oftentimes as business owners, we are so connected to all the things we must do and all the people we must keep in communication with that we lose sight of the real joy of having a company. Give yourself the freedom to take a mental step back and refresh your mind, which will give you a restored vigor and actually make you more productive.

#2 – Ask for Help

This has got to be the most difficult thing for an independent business owner to admit – that he or she needs help. First of all, the greatest leaders got where they did by asking for help whenever things got overwhelming. Everyone needs to seek the services and support of other professionals when the tasks seem insurmountable. Get in contact with your networks and find a good virtual assistant or an intern who wants to learn the ropes. Then delegate, delegate, delegate until it all gets done. You’ll have more time to go after new business and you’ll be less likely to stay up late at night trying to do it all alone.

#3 – Network with Fellow Entrepreneurs

A great way to learn how to cope with the balancing act of being an entrepreneur is to seek out the feedback, encouragement and advice of other similar professionals. There are tons of local small business networking groups as well as those found online in places like LinkedIn, Meetups and more. Find others who share your vision and get together over coffee for goal setting or brainstorming sessions. When you are around others, you will feed off their creativity and ideas, which helps you to be a better business owner. You’ll be turned on to new resources and support which will fuel your growth as a professional over time.

Whatever you do, if you are dealing with the “madness” of trying to juggle too much at once, allow your self the ability to play hookie from your business, for at least a few hours. Give your mind and your soul something to look forward to and you’ll be a more balanced person and a more effective business leader as a result.


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