Writing Through the Eyes of an Editor

18 Feb

Over the past five years, since I began this journey of becoming a freelance web copy writer, I’ve gradually learned to hone the skill of writing by learning from others who established themselves as top notch writers. Transforming my career from a full time Human Resources professional to that of a stay-at-home freelancer was a roller coaster ride for the first few years.

One of the biggest things I learnt along the way that as an entrepreneur, I must continually educate myself about new things. I often take on new challenges just to have exposure to new concepts and this becomes a learning opportunity for me. Always, I do this with the voice of my Dad in my head saying ” You must learn at least one new thing daily to have a full life!”

So, it is with no surprise that I have recently begun editing on a more permanent basis for a company in the UK. This work has been interesting and I get to see things from the other side of the coin. I must say that I have garnered a lot more respect for the hard work that professional editors do! The work is time consuming, must be done 100% accurately and there can be no delays in turning projects in. What an appreciation I have for the fine writers who take the time to write according to the article specifications, and I have developed quite a disdain for those writers who put very little effort into the craft.

Now that I have had this experience, I am a better writer myself. I am more mindful of many things that will make the job of editing easier on those whom I have the benefit of working with. The job of editing requires A LOT of patience and a willingness to groom others so they they may be a tribute to the written word. Now that is something I would never have seen from “the other side” if I had not had this opportunity.

So, I have to ask these questions:

  1. If you are a freelancer, and whether you write, design websites, create art, do public speaking,  or whatever you do best – are you seeing things from the eyes of an editor?
  2. Do you work carefully to improve your processes and put out your very best quality work with every project, or are you doing just enough to get by?
  3. Do you try to see things from your clients’ perspectives and make sure you are 100% in tune with their needs?


Consider these questions for a few moments and then try to focus on the areas in which you can do a little better this week. Maybe you need some training in a particular software program, you would benefit from a colleague’s feedback,  or you need to start reading up on a new topic. Try to see things as if you are on the other end looking at this objectively whenever you can.

See things through an Editor’s eyes.

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