Why Web Copy Writing is the Best Home Based Career

6 May

The most common question I get is “how did you get into copy writing?” Just a few years ago, if someone had asked me what I wanted to be “when I grew up”, I would have never considered working at home as a web copy writer! In fact, I had my heart set on working in human resources for a long time, being able to make a positive change in the lives of employees and helping others to develop long-term careers.

But, things change as things have a habit of doing, leaving me going through a period of transition as a professional. I found myself exploring various work from home careers and stumbled upon writing as an actual career. It was the best discovery of my life!

I fully believe that we copy writing is one of the best home based careers available to people today. For many reasons, including:

  • The ability to work remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • A flexible schedule that allows project work around other responsibilities.
  • Writing opportunities in every industry and on every topic imaginable.
  • Challenging tasks and projects that never get boring or monotonous.
  • The ability to be as creative as you want to be and enjoy the results of this effort.
  • Ongoing work with a multitude of really cool clients around the world.
  • No worry about noise factors or having to talk on the phone to rude people all day.

There are other benefits of having a home based career as a web copy writer, but those just come with the territory! I love the freedom of expressing myself through words. I love working with incredibly talented and smart people daily. I love seeing my name online whenever something is published. Nothing I’ve ever done in my past life as a corporate HR professional has ever compared to the absolute joy I get as a web copy writer in Charleston, South Carolina.

So, if you are thinking about taking the leap of faith and writing for a living, I encourage you to explore all the avenues that are available to you in freelance web copy writing!

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One Response to “Why Web Copy Writing is the Best Home Based Career”

  1. Jennifer Woodard May 7, 2011 at 2:40 am #

    I agree with your post. It is a great career and the money can be great. The drawbacks: Many people do not value the work of a writer, most people think they can write and do not believe it should pay well. Getting clients to pay on time or deadbeat clients. Working with clients who are not sure of what they want, but expect miracles. Not understanding that it should be a long term investment and one shot usually will not do it.

    With that being said. If you have a way with words, can flip on a dime and willing to work hard, it is a great career that is very rewarding. It is a career that be started part-time to make sure that is the career for you and their are many books and online resources to help you learn.

    Happy blogging,

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