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A Copy Writer Talks About Her 5 Favorite Books of All Time

4 May

Did you know that the favorite past time of most writers is actually reading? It could be because writers love to experience the written word from other perspectives. It’s challenging to pick up the subtle nuances and find inspiration in others’ writing. Or, it may be a way to temporarily escape reality – who knows? Very often, when I am not busy writing some web copy or brainstorming with a client on a marketing startegy, I am hanging out with my husband, Eugean, at our favorite bookstore reading a great book!

So…without further ado, here are my 5 Favorite Books of All Time!

Stephen King’s “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”

In 2000, every hopeful writer ran out to buy a copy of the “Master’s” book on his rise to fame as a Horror-Fantasy writer. I was working full time as a human resources manager at the time and writing a few pieces here and there. I remember reading this book in my car during my lunch breaks, laughing and crying at the same time when I heard the story of how King struggled as a new writer – then later cheering when he recanted his tale of “Christine” and how he felt when he got his first big check! This book still has an important place on my bookshelf, where I reach for it when I need some inspiration.

Dorothy Perrin Moore’s “Careerpreneurs”

I love Careerpreneurs, written by Emeritus Professor Dorothy Perrin Moore, of Charleston’s own Citadel. This gem of a career book caught my attention when I was venturing into starting my own business as a Charleston copy writer. What intrigued me was that Prof. Moore focused in on the female entrepreneur population and how we are shaping the future of careers for women everywhere. If you are looking for inspiration and resources for starting a business, you will find it in this book!

Ralph de la Vega’s “Obstacles Welcome”

This book literally flew off the shelf when I first noticed it. For good reason, as it tells the personal story of Ralph de la Vega who went from being a kid in Cuba to becoming the CEO of At&t Mobility. He did this by holding fast to his BIG dream and never giving up on his personal principles. I found this book to be a great read, still refering to it when I have one of those moments of doubt. I highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling in any area of a career or business.

Linda Gray Sexton’s “Searching for Mercy Street”

A few years back, whilst browsing through a local bookstore looking for a great book for my summer vacation, I stumbled upon this interesting book written by Linda Gray Sexton, daughter of famous poet Anne Sexton. The book shares a very painful, yet triumphant story of the relationship between Linda and Anne, and how it shaped Linda’s writing career. I’ve read the book several times, and each time I find something new that makes me stop and think. Anyone who has had a difficult relationship with a parent should read this book, to let the healing begin.

Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time”

As a child, I spent countless hours pondering the universe and trying to make sense of the world. Being able to go on a journey in my mind by discovering a new book in my great grand-mother’s library was a treat. That’s where I found Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” waiting for me. The tale of Meg trying to save her little brother Charles Wallace and their father from unseen evil was my first foray into Science Fiction. To this day, the concept of time and it’s mysteries still has an affect on me. If you have young minds eager to explore the wonders of reading, I recommend the entire series of L’ Engles’ books!

So there you have it – a copy writers list of the top 5 books of all time! I hope you’ve enjoyed this and that you get a chance to explore some of the books here. Feel free to share your comments below!


What You Need to Know About Local Web Copy Writers and Web Designers

19 Apr

If you own a small business and you are looking for the best quality and values in web copy writing and web design, why not look in your own backyard? Chances are, there are some wonderful marketing and creative service providers who live right in your neighborhood, have kids who go to your kids’ schools and may even go to your church! While many creatives work on the side for extra income, there are some who dedicate their lives on a full time basis to supporting small businesses with excellent quality web copy, websites and art.

Charleston web copy writers and web designers are plentiful due to the influx of new business growth in the Low Country. To find them, one must simply do a quick search online or check with the regional Chamber of Commerce. There are also many networking groups in the North Area, Summerville, downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant and beyond where small business owners can connect with talented writers, web developers, graphic designers and other creatives. These folks are eager to provide entrepreneurs with their best work.

A great way to save money on any web or print marketing project is by hiring a local Charleston web copy writer who can handle all types of content. Instead of farming work out to some unknown print company in another state, it’s always a better idea to look for a local professional. Remember, a local copy writer has more at stake than just a sale. He or she is interested in making sure you are 100% happy and get what you need to be successful. You can experience a personal level of concern and a long-term business relationship with a local creative professional – something that you will never get with a “sweat shop” printing mill.

You will also benefit from working with a local web copy writer  or web developer because you know that this person understands your market better than someone from out of the area. A Charleston based writer knows the people who are your customers. A website designer from the Low Country understands the unique culture and tone that your website will need to get the right message across to your patrons. Instead of trying to explain this to an outsider, save time and trouble by hiring local for all your creative marketing needs.

When you find a Charleston web content writer who you like working with, many doors will open to you. You can easily get connected with other local creatives like web developers, photographers, graphic designers, and more because writers often work hand-in-hand with other creative types. Once you have a trusted Charleston web copy writer on your team, you can rest assured that the people that work with your writer are people that this writer trusts to do a great job for you.  Writers happen to be very social creatures, so they know all the right people!

So before you lay down a lot of cash for a website or a marketing brochure through some overseas company, with no face or name to refer to, take a moment to contact a Charleston web copy writer or web development firm. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the great response and quality of work you will receive for your investment!

For more information and rates for Charleston Copy Writing, please feel free to contact Tess C. Taylor of Taylor Resources Writing, LLC. today at 843.548.0077. Or visit HTTP://WWW.TRWRITING.COM

How Social Media Is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

20 Feb

Is your restaurant using Social Media to connect with your customers? 

It’s been widely recognized that Charleston is a mecca for some of the best restaurants and resorts in the nation, with over 700 dining and vacation spots calling the Low Country home. It’s no wonder that people from all walks of life, from families to celebrities, come to Charleston to enjoy the great food and atmosphere that Charleston offers. Social media, which is a powerful tool for connecting businesses and people, is transforming the way the food and beverage industry connects with patrons in many regions of the United States including right here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Of the top twenty restaurant chains in the Southeastern USA, a majority of them are using some form of social media to get in front of the over 2.3 million consumers who use social media daily to make decisions about where to visit, what to do and where to enjoy their dining experiences. A great example of this in Charleston is Peninsula Grill of Planters Inn – located downtown Charleston which has both an interactive website and an active Facebook account that boasts 1,650 followers and sends out frequent updates to its customers – increasing sales at an incredible pace and consistently booking reservations weeks in advance. In addition, Oak Steakhouse and their chef have websites that features links to social media accounts and a Facebook account that has over 3,697 followers at the present time.

This use of social media didn’t happen overnight, but it is changing the way businesses connect with customers around the globe. It all comes down to consumer behavior and how to best maximize taking advantage of this behavior to earn more customers. Facebook has become the number one location where over 500 million people spend at least one hour daily touching base with friends, family and local hot-spots. If you are trying to reach a broader audience, that includes all age groups and people from other areas who may be vacationing in Charleston, then Facebook is the place to be right now and for the immediate future. Couple that with an updated blog, Twitter feeds and an interactive website and you have the tools to launch your restaurant to higher levels of success.

The advantages of food and beverage companies using social media include:

Low Cost – Social Media costs very little to set up and manage for the long term in comparison with other forms of advertising which are one-time expensive ventures. Outsourcing makes the best sense as you can do this a lot cheaper than by using staff to maintain the accounts or by trying to do this alone.

Little Time – You can spend less than 1-2 hours weekly updating posts to social media accounts and even schedule them ahead of time to correspond with upcoming promotions and specials.

More Interactive – Your social media accounts can be as interactive as you want them to be with fully customized fan pages, colorful graphics, links to your website, specials, menus, promos, chef pages, recipes… and more!

More Traffic – Instead of spending hours trying to market your restaurant on your own, why not allow your social media accounts to auto-pilot massive traffic to your websites and your store?

So how do you take advantage of Social Media for your own restaurant or resort? Where do you get started? Contact Tess C Taylor at Taylor Resources Writing, LLC. to find out about our special social media services today. From initial set-up of social media accounts to the maintenance and growth of the accounts, Tess has the tools and the experience to make this work for you!