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Benefits of Becoming a Freelance Web Writer

27 May

You are probably reading this because you are either looking for a part time career or you want to replace your full time career with a home-based job, right? Freelance writing is one of the best careers today, perfect for those who need more flexibility, freedom of expression, and a way to earn more money. Those are reasons enough to seek out alternatives to dull traditional careers.

Before you make up your mind to choose freelance writing as a possibility, here are some things you need to know:

1. You won’t get rich or famous as a freelance writer (think of how long it took King to get there!)

2. You must save money and learn to live frugally to make it as a freelance writer.

3. You need to have a back-up plan or another source of income while you are building a freelance writing business.

4. Learn as much as you can about writing, grammar and word processing tools before you start working as a writer.

With those things said, here are the benefits of being a freelance writer and why this may be the right career for you:

  • Freelance Writing is very flexible with no set hourly requirements each day. However, as a writer you must be able to set aside a certain amount of uninterrupted time daily to be successful (and earn enough money).
  • Freelance Writing is perfect for self-motivated people to earn the kind of living they desire. No more waiting for the boss to see your value and promote you. You must work hard to get where you want to be with your career and earn good wages.
  • Freelance Writing is family-friendlyand works well for people with other committments such as caring for children or elderly family members. You can make your own schedule, but again you must make time for your business too.
  • Freelance Writing is the perfect creative outlet for those who have dull careers or need a form of expression. You can write on any topic you desire and make a living. However, you will be expected to research and write on specific topics for clients often.
  • Freelance Writing can help you earn more than what you may currently be making in your day job. However, without constant searching for new clients, marketing your business and charging decent rates, you wont make enough to survive.

So take some time to absorb these things and consider whether or not freelance writing is the best choice for you? If you want to learn more, check out my 6 week virtual course  over at Freelance Writing Class to find out how you can earn as a freelance writer!

Career Opportunities for Web Copy Writers

5 May

In addition to writing, one of my favorite activities is to post opportunities for web copy writers on my Freelance Writing Class website, home of a little virtual course I wrote last year about getting into freelance writing as a career. There are literally thousands of ways in which copy writers can earn a decent living, either part time or full time.

The advantages of being a freelance web copy writer are endless, including:

  • The freedom to work from home or anywhere an Internet connection exists.
  • Flexible schedule that fits well with family life or other responsibilities.
  • The ability to take on as little or as many writing projects needed to earn an income.
  • Being your own boss has many perks and increases confidence.
  • Experiencing different industries and cultures around the world.

For me, becoming a web copywriter has been the single-most rewarding aspect of my adult life. Despite having worked in human resources for well over 14 years, I found that my transition to becoming a freelancer was a positive one. While I won’t paint a completely rosey picture because this choice has had it’s ups and downs just like any career, I can say that I am more fulfilled as a career-woman and feel much more in control of my family finances than I ever did working outside the home in a corporate day job.

If you are exploring the many opportunities in web copy writing work, in addition to my freelance writing  jobs page at Freelance Writing Class, here are some resources to help you get started (and where I found a lot of inspiration over the years!) :

Freelance Writing Jobs – one of the largest and well-respected sources for information on freelance writing and career opportunities. Multiple job postings and information to keep you in the know.

Freelance Writing – Helping freelance writers succeed since 1997, this website will give you insight and information about freelance copy writing opportunites and contests around the globe.

Online Writing Jobs – Find organized lists and sources of information on freelance copy writing gigs all over. I return to this list time and again for updated opportunities.

Writing Career – posts updated freelance writing job leads from Craigslist and other online job boards. Nice resource and fun way to find work online.

FlexJobs – This is the only membership freelance writing job resource I recommend. Why? Because I personally worked for FlexJobs when I was first starting out as a freelance writer!  I know from first-hand experience that all of the freelance writing job leads are legit, well-researched and updated on a daily basis by real people to make sure only the best jobs are listed.

So, if you are trying to find your way as a freelance web copy writer, or you are searching for new opportunities – be sure to check out the above sources for fresh job leads and inspiration!


About the Author: Tess C. Taylor, Owner of Taylor Resources Writing, is a web copy writer in Charleston, South Carolina who has been featured on The Chamber of Commerce, Yahoo and US News. She has been writing for 5 years and has published over 2,500 articles and 100 websites on business and career topics around the world.

Tess interviewed by Leslie Truex at Work from Home Success

12 Nov

People often ask me what it’s been like for me to go through a complete career transformation a few years ago to become a freelance writer. The truth is that it’s been an unexpected journey for me that I never thought was possible until I stepped outside of my personal comfort level, followed my heart and tried something new. Along the way, I have had the pleasure of working with so many great writers, marketers, web developers, graphic designers and clients who have encouraged me to keep pursuing this as a career.

This week, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Leslie Truex, Owner of Work at Home Success on her radio podcast show.  This gave me the opportunity to talk about some of the steps I took to build up my writing business, connect with other professionals in the content marketing industry and find myself through a rewarding work from home career. I would like to invite you to listen in to the interview here:

If you have any questions about anything you’ve heard here, please feel free to send me an email at and be sure to check out the affordable classes I have created over at Freelance Writing Class to learn how to earn as a freelance writer!

Sometimes Stepping Back is Good

4 Oct

Picture taken this week in Charleston, SC of Fall Pumpkins and Mums

Hello Loyal Readers!

Been quite a while since you last heard from me and that’s because I spent the better part of the summer partnering with a web designer and starting a full service content marketing company called 3T Web Design. The work started rolling in quickly and before I realized it, we were overwhelmed with new exciting projects.

Then something unexpected happened. Our web design partner decided to take a week and a half off for vacation and during that time, there were no new client projects lining up. So now, we are trying to wrap up the final projects from September and in the meantime, two of our clients decided to quit their website projects for personal financial reasons, leaving us without a paycheck after putting in well over 25 hours into each of their websites. It was upsetting to say the least, especially as a freelancer who relies on a steady stream of projects to keep the light bill on.

At the same time, I was approached by an educational publisher to do some writing for the US News website on a new careers section, and after sending in test articles, I was offered the gig! I have 100 articles to write by October 15th and the pressure is on, but I eagerly await how my work will look on the website and that this will help me further launch my web copywriting business.

Speaking of which, over the summer I had all but neglected Taylor Resources Writing which has been my base of operations for 3.5 years. I have poured my heart and soul into starting this company before, during and after escaping from Corporate America in 2007. This makes me feel bad and I realize now that I need to take a step back for a moment to re-group and focus on what’s important to me – my writing work and my clients.

So I’m dusting off the old blog and getting back in the writing saddle this week. Look for more updates and new writing specials for clients in the coming weeks. This site will be my new “home” for a while as I launch a new website, improved content services and a great new writing course!

Thanks for not giving up on me while I was away!

Toronto employment site asks Taylor Resources to write blog posts

18 Feb

This week, I am very pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to write a few new blog posts for one of Canada’s top career websites:, Toronto’s Local Job Board! posts the best jobs in over 75 categories for professionals in the greater Toronto area.  

This is every exciting as I thoroughly enjoy writing on career topics for the benefit of job seekers everywhere. While I am researching, I am finding that there are some promising statistics that indicate that the jobless rate is falling in the Toronto region and that there are a good number of jobs available currently in Ontario as well. That’s excellent news!  

Here in the USA, the national unemployment rate recently dipped slightly below 10% . In addition, there are steps worldwide to increase jobs in sustainable energy efforts. All of these factors combined may indicate that we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as more jobs becomming available this Spring.

So, what do you think? Are you starting to see signs that employment is improving in your community? I would be very interested in hearing what’s going on in your region….feel free to leave your comments below.