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Sorry Bird, I’m breaking up with you for Buzz

16 Mar

image used with permission from Flickr

Well, the inevitable has happened – this hard working girl has decided to leave the Bird for Buzz once and for all!

After a committed relationship with the Bird for the last year, I am left feeling neglected, ignored and very unloved. You see, Bird tends to be a little on the “flighty” side, often being short with me, sending me lots of mixed messages and empty promises.

On the other hand, Buzz has a lot to offer me including stability, personality and plenty of fun! While Bird is not giving me satisfaction, I have already enjoyed my time with Buzz and am meeting lots of great new people. Buzz has a huge network of friends I can talk to all in one place, instead of having to weed through people I haven’t anything in commom with in Bird’s world.

It was only a matter of time before I would see that Buzz has so much more to offer me, so I am breaking up with Bird for good this week!

What on earth am I talking about?

No, I haven’t decided to run off and start dating again. Instead I am spending less time reading through sales pitches on Twitter and more time actually networking with real people on Google Buzz!

What do I like about Google Buzz so much?

  • Easy to use format that locates all my networks automatically and sends them invitations – instead of having to send them individually
  • Similar posting features as Facebook, where I am a regular as well
  • Ability to include links to my websites, blogs, pictures, videos and promos to the public to make it easy to share
  • Quick reviews of my favorite friends’ social networks to find people who matter in my industry or interests
  • Connections to other social media sites with one click
  • Actual responses from others when I post something new (yeah!)
  • Live feeds that update fast and give me the scoop on new ideas first  

The list literally could go on and on for miles, but so far I am really impressed with the way Google Buzz works! I hope that you get a chance to check it out for yourself soon and see what all the hype is about.

Sorry to ruffle some feathers folks, but I think I have found a new roost!


CV Tips New Articles and a Spring Writing Special!

10 Feb

Tess has been very busy this month, working on various client writing and marketing  projects as well as creating plenty of fresh content on career topics for WiseGEEK, Demand Media and CV Tips. Here are some of the latest articles that have been published this week, for your reading pleasure!

5 Tips for Your First Day on the Job

How to Prepare for a Career Fair

Asking for Maternity Leave: 4 Tips 

Working as a Career Counselor

If you are in need of fresh copy for your website or blog –look no further than the services of an experienced web copywriter: Tess C. Taylor!

This month, Tess is offering articles for only $15 each! That’s right – you can get unlimited well-researched completely original 400-500 word full rights articles that you can use for your websites, blogs, newsletters, and any other promotional materials this Spring! (sorry, no other discounts will apply at this already low rate)

Email Tess today for a quote for your project and get on her calendar before she is completely booked at this special Spring article rate!

Work Life Group Chooses Tess C. Taylor’s Inspirational Career Story as One of the Top 50 Stories!

10 Feb

( February 07, 2010 — WORLD WIDE WEB, February 07, 2010 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) — 

In this job market, it’s refreshing to hear about the career achievements of determined Americans, especially those who have reinvented themselves in order to pursue their dreams. Work Life Group, a career resource organization, recently held a contest for writers to share their inspirational stories about career transformations.

Tess C. Taylor, a writer from Charleston, South Carolina, submitted her story entitled “Creating True Beauty in the World”, which was picked as one of the top 50 stories. The story details how Eugean Taylor, a talented artist from Charleston, South Carolina, has been able to use his talents to transform a failing graphic design career into a thriving role as an art teacher.

After earning his MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, during the post 9:11 period, Eugean Taylor found himself searching desperately for a job as a graphic artist. After taking a series of part time jobs in copy centers, sign shops and even supporting himself and his family by working nights at a local movie theatre, it seemed his career would never take flight. That’s when he was approached by a man at the local art show who told him he should consider becomming a teacher.

Tess C. Taylor, who is Eugean’s wife, was inspired to share the story about her husband’s journey to finding himself through his talents and how he has contributed to the Charleston community as a result. You can read the story and vote for the story at the Work Life Group’s website.

Welcome to my new blog!

20 May

Hello and thanks for stopping by to check out my latest blog. Against my previous will, I decided to stop being overly reliant on Blogger and switch over to the “dark side” by learning more about WordPress and getting a blog over here. So this is it and I hope to learn more, add interesting posts and have fun with it.

Who am I? I’m a Freelance Writer and Web Content Manager. I own a business and I work for several prominent clients helping them develop content for their websites. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy working  from home!

So feel free to come back soon for updates and great new posts.